My TOP 5 Favourite Books!!

In my earlier post, I have written about how I develop habit of reading books. Today, I am writing my favourite books that I have read .

     1.   “The monk who sold his Ferrari” – Robin Sharma:   Thank You to my ex-roomie Nithin Kumar who gifted me this wonderful book and eventually become one of the best book I have ever read.  This book will take you to the journey within yourself . “A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny.” Many a times; we take the things for granted and we become so engrossed in our routine life that we often forget the things; that is most important at the end of the day. If you are among one who is missing something in your life; something is haunting you; something you are looking for; go ahead and read it . You will be feel amazed.

    2.   “The Magic” – Rhonda Byrne:  The book will take you journey of 21  of your beautiful life and after reading it you will come to  know your life is full with gratitude that you should be thankful for. The book will surely change the way you look at your life .  A must read for today’s generation. Gift yourself the best:

   3.   “Rich Dad Poor Dad” – Robert Kiyosaki:  When it comes to  finances, most of us are not knowledgeable enough how to manage our hard earned money, where to spend  and how to make our money work for ourselves. A handy book to increase your financial IQ. The earlier you read this book in your life, the better it is , period.

   4.   “The Business School” – Robert Kiyosaki:   The business school is not any school where it teaches about  how to do business. But yes, this is a wonderful book describing how the business trend is changing , how it was earlier, how it is today and what is going to be the business of the 21st century.  A very thin book but contains lots of useful information. If you are among someone who ones to get out of rat race and looking to do something else; this book is a must read.  As the tagline refers “The business school”-  for people who like helping people. If you are among one who would like to help ; today is the day you should start reading this book.

  5.   “The Magic of Thinking Big” -David J. Schwartz  The bigger your dream is the higher the chances of getting it. This book will tell  how we have accumulated with the false belief that comes to our mind through various sources right from childhood ; that to thinking big is a lie as we are not good enough to achieve those. It’s  time to break all the barriers and chase your  bigger dreams and goals and the first step is  to think big. Go ahead and invite this great book to your home. 

Hope it was useful for all the readers.Thank You for your time.   So what’s your favourite book you have read ; why don’t your share in the comment box below!!

Happy Reading!! 🙂

How I develop the habit of reading!!

Last week , I was chatting with one of my very good friend and we come to the point the good habit of reading books. Then I told my friend, it would indeed be a long and interesting story how I have developed habit of reading. So today, while sitting at office ; I am writing this and sharing with you all.


It all started in the year 2008 when  I joined one of the prestigious  engineering college in Nagpur .  One beautiful weekend evening, I walked out from my room as I normally do because I don’t keep myself covered in 4 walls of the room; whenever I find time; I just roam around. On that evening, I reached to Big Bazaar. I was just moving ; seeing the different categories of products; saw many children were running here and there, people were buying households for the entire month; there was a girl who picked up one dress and showing her friend how beautiful the dress is.   After sometime, I reached to 3rd  floor where one can find books and stationery items . I wondered how people have the patience to read books with so many pages; because till that point of my life I never read any. While just moving slowly across the place; I just casually picked up one book ; flipped  a few pages ; looked at the back cover and start reading the lines; that the author was telling what the story is inside.

Oh! , man;  the author is saying; what will I do or say if I receive a call from GOD one night? I thought for sometime what I shall speak to GOD. Shall I ask him what is my future? where I am going in life or shall I thanks him for whatever he has given me in this life; right from the beautiful family from where I brought up to the person I become . That sentence makes all the difference. Out of curiosity I thought let’s give it a shot . I bought that book. If you  are an avid reader, you might have guessed the book name. Yes it is from one of the best-selling author Chetan Bhagat and the book title is “One night at the call center”.

I reached home , read a few pages and just waiting when there will be a call from GOD.  This would be funny , It took me 3 months to complete reading my first book . When I reached to 200 pages; still wondering why there is no call from GOD. Finally around 220 – 230( approx) pages; there was what I was waiting for. I learned many good things and the rest 60 – 70 pages I complete reading in an hour without taking a break. That intensity of interest developed in me for reading.

Then what, one after another , even I don’t know how many books I have finished reading till date. If you come to my room ; you can see my cupboard filled with books.

Books help us in many ways. They help us in connecting with people, options to learn many different things, understand ourselves , and the lists keep going on.(Click here) I am very thankful that that evening made all the difference .

You never know ; any good thing can happen at any moment at any time.  So just keep your minds open, keep growing , keep shining. Keep reading . 🙂

What’s your story ? 🙂



 It was 3 PM, 28th of Jan 2015, my mobile phone starts ringing. I was inside the lift going to my office. I found it was the call from one of my good school friend named Shyam from my home-town. I wondered how Shyam was calling me at that time as he hardly calls. As soon as the lift stopped in the floor, I picked up the call. I was anxious to know what had happened. The first sentence he told me, “Did you hear about Ranjit Sir?” I was astonished. I replied, “NO”, what happen. My heart beat started biting faster as I could sense something is unexpected I was going to hear. In the next sentence, he told he was not amongst us anymore. I was shocked; I was completely silent for a few sec don’t know what to respond.  For all those who don’t know Ranjit Sir, he was one of the best teachers in Maths from my home-town and I got privilege to study under him in my 9th and 10th Standard.

I remember last time when I went home in the month of Oct 2014; I called him up to meet as I usually take out some time to meet all my loved ones. But he was out of station and was supposed to come 2 days before I left the place. Little did I know, by then that was the last conversation I was having with him and he was under medical observation.

 Though I could have able to meet him also; but that attitude of thinking we have enough time in hand smashed me and because of the intensity of other work I could not able to do so. Wish I could find 20 -30 min. that very day but now it is too late.

I admired him the most. He played a significant role for what I am today. One best thing about Ranjit Sir was you can approach him n number of times for any doubt, query and every time he would resolve your issues with ease.  You will be missed, Sir. Wished on that last day before leaving my home-town, I could have met you. Wish the thing I have planned for you last time was fulfilled.   May his soul rest in peace and his family get strength to overcome his absence.

Friends, this is what happen to most of us. We think we have lots of time in our hand and we keep postponing the things. Ironically, we have very limited time in this life. So do the things that you want to do for many years. Write a note to your friends that you have been waiting for a long time. Give that gift to your teacher, for whom you have become what you are today. Spend some time with your loved ones and cherish the moment, because we are fooling ourselves thinking we have lots of time, but it is not.

Lesson learnt, we have a very limited time here, no next year, no next month, no next week, no tomorrow, Today is the day only to take steps,  what you have made up in your mind to do. It’s now only.

Learning from Friends

Today,  I was feeling very alone in my room . It has been many months of months that I spend some good  time or hang around with my friends or family. Many of them are different parts of the world and  I am happy when I see them living their life fully. Then I realize what I can learn from them . Then one after another , one specific quality I figure it out from my friends whom I met in different times of my life and I realize I need to abide by those quality that my friend has . One of the other has different, unique and very good qualities . And if you have any of those qualities ; you really have a good things with you.  Here it goes

Prince Agarwal: My elder brother and my first friend.  Each time I spoke with him, I feel the tremendous support I have. I remember a few months back I was depressed regarding certain things and the very next morning I got a surprised call from him .  He usually doesn’t call me in the early morning and he was even not knowing  that I was a little depressed and we just had a normal talk. But that talk removes all my worries . It was the call from heart to heart . Thank you brother for all the love and care.

Rajat Aggarwal: I met him first time during my 2nd year of Engineering. Till then we have been very good friends . I never ever heard any negative word from him neither for anything nor for any person. That superb quality he possess. Always find the good things of anything and tremendous confidence.  He carries the  positive vibrations all around wherever he goes and that is really unbelievable. Thank You Rajat for being a part of my life and of great help .

Ashutosh Nayak: What I can tell him of him? When no one is there, he will be there.  We first met during our Wipro Training Camp in Pune . One quality that I take from him is “PATIENCE”.  No matter how difficult the situation , “STAY CALM”  his mantra.  Thank You for being with me in all the difficult period of my life and offering your helping hand. 

Ankush Rajpoot:  Even in the worst of worst situation, how to smile and stay happy , learn from this person. For him Life is colorful yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thank You Ankush for realizing me this fact. 

Bhushan Bhoyare: One of my very good college friend. One thing I learn from him is focus on one thing at a time . He has tremendous  love and care for his loved ones. We often used to talk each other and I figure it out is complete one task then move to another. Thank You Bhushan for giving me this great life lessons.

Mohit Sharma and Manish Ramavat and Chetan Agarwal : This post would not be completed if I don’t mention these names.  If I got stuck with anything or want to solve anything ; they are  just a call away .Thank you for being in my life.

There are many other friends from whom I learnt many things and thank you for making my life colorful. Life is full of blessings and beautiful when someone has friend like you all . When I say this, I really mean it. 🙂

Have you learnt anything from your friends? List it out and see the good changes.

Happy Friendship 🙂

I believe…

Dear Readers,

Before I begin, let me  take this opportunity to wish you all a very “Happy New Year”, though it is already a first few days of the year, nevertheless.

Hope this New Year you will bring your best.
Hope this New Year you will do the things that you were resisting for long.
Hope this New Year you will write new memorable chapters in your diary.
Hope this New Year you will be so good that it helps to make this world a better place to live.

Here I list out some key points that I believe and just want to share with you.

  1. I believe “Service to humankind is service to GOD”.
  2. I believe “One needs to keep working hard to improve himself”.
  3. I believe “There is no tomorrow; you never know what will happen the next day, better act today”.
  4. I believe “Life is too short to be hatred, so forgive others and move forward”.
  5. I believe “Life without purpose is no life at all”.
  6. I believe “Luck favors the brave, who actually deserve it”.
  7. I believe “Emotion is energy in motion and can keep you in momentum to achieve your goals; so find some emotion why you are doing for what you are doing but it should come from your heart and not attract from outside world”.
  8. I believe “Yes, as human we are bound to make mistakes, but it is said experience comes from bad experience and bad experience comes from mistakes”. So it’s good but tries not to repeat the same and also learn from other mistakes.
  9. I believe “We are here on this earth to bring some good changes, but it starts from you first. So change yourself what changes you see in the outer world. As Mother Teresa said “If each of us would only sweep our own doorstep, the whole world would be clean.”
  10. I believe “Friends are important part of life, but better to have quality friends rather than quantity and easily you can figure it out with time”.
  11. I believe “Learning is a continuous process; no age-factor should come in between”.
  12. I believe “Health is most important and always we should take care of it”.
  13. I believe “Family comes first, what is the use of climbing the mountain realizing you are alone there”.
  14. I believe “If everyone starts sharing their knowledge to at least 6 new people, then 6 people to next 6, then this world will be even better, power of networking”.
  15. I believe “Most of us are lived societies life, compromising our own life, why it is so difficult to follow the passion??’ Time to rethink over it and live with your values”.
  16. I believe “Happiness lies on the road we travel enjoy in smaller things while chasing bigger dreams”.
  17. I believe “What count most in life is what we do for others, period”.
  18. I believe “Environment matters a lot where we live, so chose to be in a good environment, the life you want to live”.
  19. I believe “Reading books help to accumulate lots of knowledge, but it’s useless if we only keep it to ourselves, apply the same and share with others”.
  20. I believe “Hard work is not what you do in office for 8-10 hours that is your duty, hard work is what you do after that”
  21. I believe “This article may help someone in some or the other way”.

Hopefully, you will start this year with the believe you have and make it stronger as the year passes by. Have one of the best year ahead 🙂


Your Friend

Binay Agarwal


Happiness is a journey not a destination!!

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” 
― Dalai Lama XIV

We entered the world with nothing in hand and we are destined to leave with nothing.But what we do in between these, matters a lot.

So if I ask a question, what do you want in your life?? Most of the time, I got the answer is ,” I want to be happy or I want to be successful”

So taking some pause and think for your answer “What makes you happy?”.

In this post, I am going to highlight a few key points that we miss out in our busy schedule or in fair way actually we are busy being busy.

Everyone wants to be happy, but the question is when?? When they achieve the certain things that there are looking for the long time.Sure enough, it will give them immense joy.But it doesn’t end here.The very next moment the definition of happiness changes and people looking for much better things. No wrong in it but while keep chasing things we should not ignore what we have in our hand.

However I learnt is Happiness is a journey not a destination. Means your journey to achieve your goals should be fun and enjoyable.. so that each day of your life is worthful living and when the last moment of your life comes,yes you can proudly said,” what a life I have lived”, thankful to GOD.

There are different parameters in life that we need to keep balance for a happy life and are equally important. (These are my thoughts, you may have different)

  • TIME

Time:  Time slips through our hands like grains of sand, never to return again.A person is working very hard for 10-12 hours in a job and earning a good amount of money. In the same time , if his family needs him lets say they are staying in other cities, he should be there.What is the use of earning; if he can’t enjoy or give  time to his family when they needed it most. Just remember, at the time of your last hours, no one will remember your office presentation, family will.Give some time for them. Give them a call ; for a few minutes, that is good enough or sit together for a dinner or hang out somewhere in a week.

Money: A person has lots of money in his bank balance, but what is the use of it; if he doesn’t have a good health or have anytime to call up their loved ones.Someone rightly said, people work hard for 30+ years to earn money by deteriorate their health and then they spend money to gain their health. Here I want to say, take good care of health, a 15-20 minutes of morning walk or meditation or yoga will surely help or you can find other many ways.You will have a better and enjoyable life in all respect.

Health: “ Health is wealth”.You must have heard the phrase lots of time. Next time when you come across any hospital; just take some time to meet any patient on his death-bed; and asked him what the most important thing he wants. Probably, the answer you will listen ; just a few days of fit life. If one doesn’t have any good health ; the saddest part will be; though they want to go out and enjoy their life; still they can’t . I think you get my point.

Definition of happiness will differ for different people, I agree. However, there are certain things we should know why we are here and what difference we can make by being here. As  “Life of purpose is purpose of life itself”.

So all I mean is TIME,MONEY,HEALTH are like the 3 wheels of life ; in the absence of one; it’s quite difficult to maintain the balance.

“By the time most people figure out what they really want , and how to go about attaining it, it’s usually too late”.The monk who sold his Ferrari

Hopefully, the article will flash back to think you for sometime.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Have a balanced life!!

Please share your thoughts!!

Books.. best friend of my life!

Today I am writing down my personal experience why I feel, everyone should read books in their life.

As Mark Twain said “The man who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them”.


Initially I hated reading books, I wonder how  one can read books of so many pages ,even 200 pages to read seems to climb Mount Everest for me. However, I want to thankful to a few of my friends who consistently told me to read books, at least if not but  for pleasure. Then slowly , I started reading books and today I really understand the potential of it.We have only life to live,  but believe me reading books will have to live many lives.

I  read books to

  • Grow.
  • Understand my strength and weakness.
  • Get close to GOD and Nature.
  • Acquire experience from successful people 
  • Love , understand others and so on

Recently I have read a book “The Magic” – Rhonda Byrne,  that I want to share with you why I do like it most.

This book will take you 28 days of magical journey. In fact for me it’s the rest of my life. This book says.. one word can change your life and that word is “GRATITUDE”. How grateful you are for your current life? If you go through other religious book like Koran , Bhagavad Gita or Bible, the law is same and that law of nature is To increase anything in your life you should be grateful for what you currently have”. i.e. Whoever has gratitude will be given more and he or she will have an abundance.Whoever doesn’t  have gratitude, even what or she has will be taken from him or her”.

A few lines from the “The Magic” itself:

When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy , to liveMarcus Aurelius.

Are you fortunate enough to have slept in a bed,with sheets and a pillow? When you go to washroom, are you able to turn the taps and immediately receive fresh, clean water every morning?Imagine all the people who dug the trenches and laid the pipes across your country, throughout your city, and along all the streets to your home so you can turn a tap and receive beautiful, clean, hot water.Should not you be thankful for all this. Imagine a single morning of your life without water.

This book teaches you to look for the goodness to be grateful for in every circumstances.

I want to share something with you – heard in one seminar..

There were two persons in a village. After they died , they appeared before GOD. GOD asked both of them how was their life and what they want to be in  their next life. The first person said,”God, You have given me  miserable life.In my next life, create such a situation that I will receive things only. I don’t have to give things to anyone. God said , “Your wish, my command, granted”.

The second person said,”God, You have given me everything in this life , what I shall want more.In my next life, create such a situation that I can able to give things to the needy person.God said , “Your wish, my command, granted”.

Both the person rebirth in the same village. The first person becomes the great beggar of that village. What does beggar do ? He receives things only,doesn’t he?

The second person becomes the king of the village.

Moral-   ” To increase anything in your life , you should be grateful for what you already have“.

If you think that your life is not blessed, then I recommend you to go through this book. Since you are able to read this line . that means you are accessing to internet, you are using the most powerful way of communication ;  your life is itself blessed.Give a thought!

Thanks for reading.

One life why live small, make it big.

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