Is Facebook loosing the charm of real relationship?

First of all I take you a few years back of your life,remember your school days. At that time there was no such things called social networking, even no mobile phones and so more. We eventually met our friends in school or in their house and promise to meet the next day or so. We planned to schedule a cricket match;lets say at 4 pm that day, all were supposed to turn up in the field and what we did observe,eventually all came in time , even though there was no any technique to keep reminding oneself via SMS, or call up , or create an event in Facebook.

Now come back to today’s world. How many times do we need to keep reminding oneself or to our friends to meet up or to do some stuffs.

Lets come what the title suggests. Facebook loosing the charm of real relationship.

What is your  definition of real relationship?From my point of view.” A real relationship is one whom you know each other , whom you can speak freely and most important  you understand each other.”

After creating your facebook profile, we just keep adding friends, friends of friends or whom U have just known by their face only. And what we call all of them , they are my friends. Is that what the term FRIEND suggests?

Now lets say you are chatting with your friend. You know him/her . You chat for hours in facebook. But problem arises when you come across each other in real life . You both eventually don’t look to eack other and at extreme point it ends with only hey and hello or just with the gesture of hand. Have you not gone through this phase?You must have been.These things can be observed mostly in college life , where candidates keep adding their colleagues in their friend list but they have never talked to each other or will be . I seriously doubt in it.

We know very well that we can call up our friend when we want to communicate. But we keep waiting to see the green signal in his/her chat window , so that we can communicate there. Even in one’s birthday we simply post wishes in his timeline. If you really want human interactions, phone your friend. Even better go and meet them, wish them. That serves the purpose and charm of real relationship will continue forever.

So is n’t facebook  loosing the charm of real relationship? What is your opinion?

Thanks for reading 🙂

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